About the Rock & Roll Society

The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton is a circle of passionate music lovers dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the music that we grew up with and the music we love today. Music that influenced history, transformed a culture, and forever changed our societal landscape - and music that just makes you want to get up and move your groove to.

We carry out this mission by organizing social activities for members and their families to enjoy in a safe environment, and by honouring and supporting musicians in pursuing their craft and passion for rock and roll. We're also proud to operate our Centre for Arts & Music (CAM), aimed at mentoring a new generation of musicians, with a special focus on vulnerable youth in our community.

We are a non-profit organization. Our motivation is to keep the spirit of rock music alive, and pass the torch to generations to come so they can experience the power and potential of music to change the world by fostering acceptance, tolerance and love.   To become a member, purchase a ticket to one of our events.

Society Objectives

To advance education by providing instructional seminars on topics related to music for vulnerable youth in Edmonton.

To advance the public's appreciation of rock and roll music by providing high-quality rock and roll music performances at public venues in the Edmonton area.

To address and prevent problems faced by youth by operating supervised structured programs through The Centre for Arts and Music that are directed at preventing exposure of youth to negative influences during the hours immediately following the end of the school day.