• Hawrelak Park (map)
  • 9330 Groat Road Northwest
  • Edmonton, AB, T6G 2B3
  • Canada

How does one capture the artistic prowess of an original band with subtle nuance and feeling? Well, the answer is Edmonton’s own 69 AVE. Playing locally since 2016, the band is made up of five lively and skilled musicians with a passion for performance and the music they cover. With influences ranging from rock ‘n’ roll to pop music spanning four decades, 69 AVE is a cover band that embodies the passion of the artists they emulate. The band is made up of 5 dedicated musicians:

Kim Ryll, a passionate and powerful lead vocalist, is the guiding voice through an eclectic set of hard rock, pop, alternative, and classic rock songs that will have any crowd singing every word to. Inspired by “artists who push the boundaries of their abilities and emote with genuine artistry,” Kim feels that music can reach others and touch each and every one in a similar or same way.

Heiko Ryll, a powerful drummer that “hits hard” and with precision and soul, bringing each and every crowd member into the transcendental moment of music. Playing for 36 years, Heiko’s philosophy is one of passion, dedication, and love for the craft. It’s all about technique in the studio and experience in the live shows, and it’s this idea that allows Heiko to truly express himself through music.

Rod Harder and his deep bass lines will walk you down that line of punch and practicality, syncing the band together in unison. There’s something organic in filling those spaces and bringing the music together that Rod believes “can’t be forced” and is innate with the people you play with.

Terry Maruyama takes the mantle of lead guitarist, paying homage to the guitarists’ original parts while conjecturing his own sensibilities too. Couple that with subtle high harmonies and 69 AVE’s live shows really shine. For Terry, it’s all about honouring and doing justice to the parts and people who created them.

Jason Fry steadies the stage presence with his rhythm and magnifies the already boisterous band with larger than life guitar – the compliment everyone needs. Vibrating off the buzz of performing, Fry takes music as a companion on this road, through the bad and the good.

Together 69 AVE has a philosophy of respect for those who’ve come before with a healthy dose of each and every one of their own characters infused, giving a fresh take on songs that will bound to get the crowd in the mood to dance, sing, and most importantly, feel.


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