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  • 9330 Groat Road Northwest
  • Edmonton, AB, T6G 2B3
  • Canada


Formed in 1974, Helix has been touring almost 45 years. In that time they toured across Canada and the States more times than you can count, as well as several tours of Europe. The latest was in 2014 when they played in Spain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, and Norway, although the band played in Stockholm in 2016 as part of “ROCKLASSIKER LIVE” with The Hooters, Micky Dee and the All Stars, and The Darkness. The band was so good at that show that promoters brought them back to play SWEDEN ROCK the next spring (2018).

Since 1974 the band has played with over 200 of the world’s greatest rock acts. In 1983 they toured 11 European countries in 32 days-from Lisbon, Portugal to Helsinki, Finland-with the world’s hottest band- KISS. The same year they toured the entire U.S., starting with MOTORHEAD and playing with everyone from Molly Hatchet to Meatloaf to Black Sabbath to Heart.

The band has been recording their own music since the 70’s, earning themselves 4 gold and 2 platinum albums, as well as a Number 1 album in Sweden (Long Way to Heaven). They continue to write, record, and release music. In 2014 they released “BASTARD OF THE BLUES” on Perris Records. Since then they have released several singles, two of which appear on a new UNIVERSAL vinyl album & CD: Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved in His Home Town), Gene Simmons Says (Rock Is Dead). As well as being involved in HELIX, Vollmer also holds the distinction of being one of the last voice teachers in the world teaching the old Italian method of singing called “Bel Canto.” He has taught several successful singers in the business: Morgan & Mercedes Landers of KITTIE, Canadian country music star Tim Hicks , and Sarah Smith, among others. As well, he has been busy doing voice-overs for video games and quite possibly an upcoming cartoon show. Several years ago he also appeared as the “mentor” for country singer Melanie Morgan on the Canadian talent show “COVER ME CANADA” which drew 180,000 viewers a week.

The present line up of the band includes Greg Hinz/drums & Daryl Gray/bass from the original HELIX 80’s line-up. Of the two most recent members, Kaleb Duck has been in the band the longest-10 years. We like to refer to this as a “Duck-cade”. Christopher Julke, the newest member, joined in 2014 when longtime member Brent “The Doctor” Doerner retired. Both Kaleb and Chris are experienced players and showmen.

The show is a combination of “the hits”, new material, and a few gems from the past. For instance, in the new set you’ll hear ROCK YOU, Heavy Metal Love, Deep Cuts the Knife, Wild in the Streets, and Make Me Do (Anthing You Want), as well as some older tracks we don’t always play: House on Fire, Danger Zone, and Animal House come to mind. As for new material, we play 2 or 3 of our latest releases. The rational is that fans come to hear the hits but also like to hear less played tracks-and now and then you can even hit them with some “new stuff’.

Helix has played Edmonton since the mid 1970’s and always looks forward to returning to oil city.

Helix on line: http://planethelix.com/

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