• Hawrelak Park (map)
  • 9330 Groat Road Northwest
  • Edmonton, AB, T6G 2B3
  • Canada

4 years ago, in a small neighbourhood pub in north Edmonton, Rockzilla was born. A hulking rock and roll behemoth recalling the halcyon days of bands like The Who, Rush, and Nirvana, Rockzilla brings raw energy back to rock and roll, mercilessly tormenting the cities music scene with high energy stage antics and an innovative stage and light show that brings fans to their feet wherever they play. From the non-stop bass solo to the lead singing-stand up drummer to the blistering guitar onslaught, a live Rockzilla show is not to be missed.

According to WIKIPEDIA:

“A power trio is a rock and roll band format having a lineup of electric guitarbass guitar and drum kit (drums and cymbals), leaving out the second rhythm guitar or keyboard instrument (e.g., Hammond organ) that are used in other rock music bands that are quartets and quintets. Larger rock bands use one or more additional rhythm section to fill out the sound with chords and harmony parts.”

Rockzilla is a true power trio, that sounds much more like a 5-piece band….

Made up of Al Petrie (bassist/lead vocalist), Todd Gerow (drummer/lead vocalist) and Kevin Melendez-Duke (lead guitarist/lead vocalist) all of whom have played and recorded in multiple local acts throughout Canada.

Al Petrie has been playing music professionally for 20 plus years. In Ontario, Al was in a popular Canadian Band in the early 90's which he refuses to divulge... Al has also toured, played for thousands, done sound for large musical groups, partied with some of the greats and had a ton of fun! Al’s weapon of choice is his Billy Sheenan bass which matches his aggressive style and tasty licks. On top of that, he is a force to be reckoned with singing songs from Rush to Police and back.

Todd Gerow has been belting out the lead and backup vocals and providing the solid backbeat for some of Edmonton’s best bands for 4 decades and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon! His energetic, musical drumming and impressive 3-octave singing range are the stuff of legend and the heartbeat of the beast that is Rockzilla! Inspired by the likes of Keith Moon, John Bonham, and Neil Peart and surrounded by a huge drum kit with all the toys necessary to bring on a full-out rock and roll bombardment his love of music shines through in every beat of every drum in his arsenal.

Last, but certainly not least, is Kevin Melendez-Duke who is a very experienced guitarist with over 25 years of gigging experience. Like the rest of the gang, Kevin has served in numerous professional road bands as well as been involved in multiple recording projects. Kevin utilizes his high-end PRS axes to provide his progressive and versatile leads. Developing chops and honing his musical skills he proceeded to snatch up a music diploma from Grant MacEwan University and left to take on the touring world. Kevin is also known to belt out a few tunes and enjoy grooving with the guys!

Rockzilla believes in bringing back the stage show, so expect to see fog, lights, banners, and even a 10-foot dragon…named BRUCE.

As a very diverse group, Rockzilla performs classic material to new rock.  The band has the ability to pull off difficult tunes but also enjoys the crowd pleasers, which in turn provides for a great party atmosphere.  Rockzilla has been performing almost weekly throughout the circuit and continues to build momentum and supporters.

Rockzilla continues to entertain and draw crowds with their loyal following and new fans alike!

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