• Hawrelak Park (map)
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Canada

*All set times subject to change

DEXTRESS will make you want your 80’s hair back. The local glam-rock foursome’s primal in-your-face sound will make you move no matter what they’re playing. The young studs use heavy hitting power chords, slick solos, and attention-grabbing vocals to get their point across. Their point, you ask? Is that sometimes letting loose means getting a little rowdy and messy- the hangover the next day will be worth it. Inspiration from their recent album comes from Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, and Mötley Crüe, to name a few of the 80’s sensations that you shamelessly sing along to in the shower. The band's sound has grown and changed along with the members, and lineup changes. If their enthusiasm isn't already prevalent in their recorded songs, their live shows will leave you with no doubt that Dextress is passionate about what they do and that they know how to put on a show. The atmosphere shifts when the band gets on stage and doesn't let up until the lights go on again. Rock Review said “If they keep up the good work they might just be the next Van Halen of Def Leppard”, while Frontline Reviews praises their “10 tracks of in your face guitar and vocals with a swagger worthy of days gone by”. It’s refreshing to hear a band that gives a nod to this legendary era of rock. Dextress is performing at 1:00pm on Saturday, August 17th. This is DEXTRESS.

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Tickets on sale through Acoustic Music Shop, Myhre’s Music and https://www.edrocks.ca/info

Advance: $65 Friday, $90 Saturday or you can also pick up the weekend pass for $140

At the Gate: $75 Friday, $100 Saturday or you can pick up the weekend pass for $150