• Hawrelak Park (map)
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Canada

*All set times subject to change

RADIOACTIVE With smouldering harmonies and clever musical machinations, this core group of 5 musicians faithfully cover familiar hit songs and have fused together an entire repertoire of the best known and most popular classic and modern rock songs spanning genres and decades. Emerging in 2013 from the effervescent green glow of the rehearsal bunker, the band known as RadioActive, has vowed to use their fortitude and ethos only for good, travelling from stage to stage across the vast expanse of Western Canada, entertaining audiences with a fervour befitting a rock cover band of the highest calibre. They guarantee you a good time and can fill a dance floor! From bars and clubs to Casinos and Corporate events, community stages and fundraising efforts to opening up for festivals, RadioActive have collectively accumulated over 75 years of live music performances. Each band member is accomplished in each of their musical disciplines and they deliver the songs you love with passion and excellence. RadioActive will kick off the festival with a bang on Friday, August 16th at 5:00pm.

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Tickets on sale through Acoustic Music Shop, Myhre’s Music and https://www.edrocks.ca/info

Advance: $65 Friday, $90 Saturday or you can also pick up the weekend pass for $140

At the Gate: $75 Friday, $100 Saturday or you can pick up the weekend pass for $150