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Darby Mills

Darby Mills

DARBY MILLS is taking a leap of faith she is set on the path to find herself and rekindle her passion. After signing on with the Headpins in 1981, the group began a three-album run at the top of the Canadian charts. Their debut album "Turn It Loud", quickly went platinum and topped the charts for six weeks. It spawned the hit single "Don't It Make Ya Feel". Their follow-up, "Line of Fire", produced the hits "Celebration" and "Just One More Time". The Headpins toured Europe and North America while opening for bands such as KISS, Whitesnake, ZZ Top, and Aerosmith, among others. In August of 2016, Darby performed her last show with the Headpins and The Darby Mills Project was born. With the remastered release of "Never Look Back" now called "FLYING SOLO"; the perfect moniker to her new endeavors. 2018 emerged as an exciting time for Darby Mills and a new era for the veteran performer. With the release of her new CD titled "LIVE"–The Darby Mills Project, was recorded at the Russian Hall with award winning producer and recording engineer Ron Obvious. Fans will love the energy, vibe, and passion exuding from Mills and her steadfast team of rock n’ roll veterans. The PROJECT features Randy Gabel guitar and vocals, Dave Hopia bass and vocals, Doug Rasmussen keys and vocals, and Chris Murray Driver drums and vocals. Darby Mills “The Queen of Scream” a Spotlight produced documentary for Telus TV released early 2018 is an intimate peak into the trials and tribulations, the lifestyle and homestyle of a rock n’ roll pioneer, woman, mom, wife, friend and performer who has spent over forty years in the male dominated music industry. TODAY, like a glass of finely matured red wine, Darby has ventured back to her passion. Gear up to hear her story, and journey through the years along with some classics that will take you back in time. Darby takes the stage at 2:15pm on Saturday August 17th.

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Advance: $65 Friday, $90 Saturday or you can also pick up the weekend pass for $140

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