• Hawrelak Park (map)
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Canada

*All set times subject to change

Wide Mouth Mason - Edmonton Rockfest

WIDE MOUTH MASON is a soul power trio comprised of Shaun Verreault (lead vocals/guitar), Safwan Javed (vocals/drums) and Gordie Johnson (vocals/bass). They’ve called their most recent record ‘No Bad Days’ because it perfectly describes the experience they had making it. From their beginnings performing in rural Alberta in 1995, Wide Mouth Mason has seen its fan base grow in Canada and extend to other areas of the world such as the United States and in Europe... as well as becoming one of the first North American bands to tour China in the 21st century. With each new fan gained often quick to share the discovery of Wide Mouth Mason's music with others who have yet to hear the band's music. While Wide Mouth Mason's studio catalogue provide musical snapshots of a band's journey and growth, it is the opportunity of hearing the guys perform live that is something not easily described or captured, only experienced. Wide Mouth Mason has opened for such groups as AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, The Guess Who, and have gained more fans with each performance along the way. They've played at many different music festivals, including the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Each time the three of them perform, Wide Mouth Mason has ably demonstrated at each instance the innate ability to tailor their performance to the size of their audience and the environment created with each subtle nuance of a music fan enjoying the band's music. Wide Mouth Mason has the rare ability to not just sense the music the audience is hoping to hear but to also often surprise even the most jaded listener with their versatility and range. Wide Mouth Mason will rock your socks off at 3:45 on Saturday, August 17th!

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Tickets on sale through Acoustic Music Shop, Myhre’s Music and https://www.edrocks.ca/info

Advance: $65 Friday, $90 Saturday or you can also pick up the weekend pass for $140

At the Gate: $75 Friday, $100 Saturday or you can pick up the weekend pass for $150