When the dust had settled they were found, together, locked in a bunker with nothing of sustenance but warm beers and a few stale french fries. There is no telling how long they had toiled in that near darkness with little to occupy their minds, if not for a drum kit, some guitars, a saxophone, a keyboard and a few microphones. But they had not let the time pass idly.

Charged with the explosive voice of Lady Plutonium and the stellar guitar riffs of Master Blaster, highlighted by the molten hot sax of Atom Bomb, and underlined by the rhythm of Johnny Neutrino on bass and Aunty Gravity on drums, the group fused together an entire setlist of some of the best known classic and modern rock songs spanning the ages. With smouldering harmonies and clever musical machinations, this group has reworked familiar hit songs and effectively doubled their half-life.

Emerging in 2012 from the effervescent green glow of the bunker, the band known as RadioActive, has vowed to use their fortitude and ethos only for good, travelling from stage to stage across the vast expanse of Western Canada, entertaining audiences with a fervour befitting a rock cover band of the highest caliber.

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